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Coral Snow

Seaway Aqua's Coral Snow contains a blend of Calcium,Magnesium,Potassium,Strontium,Iodine and trace elements.


Coral Snow is beneficial for maintaining optimum Coral, Health and Development.


The particles in Coral Snow are incredibly small typically under 3 microns in size. These small particles are able to move around the aquarium attracting Bacteria and Organics which act as a food source for corals.


The small size of the particles in Coral Snow allow Organics to fix to the particles, meaning these particles can then be removed by a protein skimmer. Users of Coral Snow often find an increase in Skim-Mate. Over time this action will lead to lower Organics in the water.


Prolonged use of Coral Snow can also help to remove Cyanobacteria; and help to remove un desirable acids.


Coral Snow has little effect on Pottasium,Strontium,Iodine and Magnesium in the aquarium.


Shake bottle well before use. Coral Snow is an ideal suppliment For Coral Ignite. Both products can be mixed together.

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