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Covert 7 is an incredibly high grade Coral food containing no inferior filler products such as fish or shrimp meal.


Covert 7 contains only specially selected naturally harvested planktons; and bacteria.


The bacteria added to Covert 7 help to reduce organics such as Phosphate, nitrite, nitrate and metals.


Each 45g jar of Covert 7 will feed upto 23000 litres of aquarium water, making it far more economical than liquid feeds.


Covert 7 is designed to support the health, development and expansion of all corals and filter feeders.


Covert 7  contains essential fatty acids being rich in Omega 3 and 6 and use no additional artificial amino acids.


Covert 7 

Covert is also high in necessary proteins to provide as nutritionally balalnced food as is possible and contains no Astaxanthin which is not naturally found in the food.


To make Covert suitable for a wide range of corals and filter feeders; covert has a particle size of between 20 and 335 microns.


Mixing vial and spoon is provided.


Also loved by shrimps and Anthius sp


Protein 58% , Moisture 11% , Fat 9% , Ash <14% , Crude Fibre 2%

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