3/4HP Aerator Fountain

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Attractive, fountain action aerator boosts the quality of pond water in small water bodies up to 1/2 an acre.

This USA made fountain sprays a trumpet shaped spray 7-9 feet into the air with a spray width if up to 22ft.

These aerators reduces odor and growth of undesirable algae, and will help to keep fish alive by adding valuable oxygen into the water body.

UV-protected float. 70 FT power cord.
  • 230 volt, 3/4 HP oil free motor with 5 year warranty.
    • environmentally safe, UL listed and CSA approved
  • Pumps a huge 400 gallons per minute, a leading volume of water for the size of the pump making it more economical.

These aerators unlike others can be left in water all year round. There is no need to remove it in winter clean it and store it, Simply shut it off and forget about it. Freezing conditions do no damage to these fountains.

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