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The Evolution Aqua 75w EvoUV is part of the new professional UV clarifyer range and offers a more efficinet design teamed with a new high quality spec. The UV clarifiers are the perfect option for pond hobbyists looking to rid their pond of green water with ultimate economical performance.

The 75w Evolution Aqua EvoUV clarifier which is suitable for ponds up to 75,000 litres and has a maximum flow rate of 25,000 litres per hour, has a design which optimizes flow rates and improves energy efficiency. With an incredibly easy to install flexible hose, the clarifier can be seamlessly integrated into existing pipework runs for a quick and hassle free set-up.

The EvoUV 75w from Evolution Aqua model comes with a high output UV bulb powered by energy efficient ballasts which provides a more economical option than a traditional 110 Watt UV due to the greater UV contact time offered by the 1.2 metre bulb. The design is housed within a fully watertight and robust construction for optimum performance. The EvoUV range is a continuation of Evolution Aqua's long line of professional pond filtration equipment.

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