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Reef Dough

Seaway Aqua's Reef Dough food is a unique formulation containing only the highest quality ingrediants.
Reef Dough is a researched formulation which provides a high level of digestable protein; ensuring superb nutrition for corals fish and inverts.
Reef Dough allows for a slow release of food particles to disperse into the water column; this  slow release creates equal opportunities for all aquarium inhabitants. Simply shape Reef dough into a ball and press onto the aquarium glass.


Reef Dough may be added as a direct coral food for LPS corals by placing a small amount of food over the mouth of the coral.
Reef Dough can be fed from once per day to twice per week depending upon your system requirements.
For Sps corals we recommend feeding Reef Dough 2-3 times  per week
For Lps corals we recommend feeding Reef Dough 2-3 times per week
Most Non Photosynethetic corals we recommend feeding Reef Dough daily to three times a week depending upon species.
As with any aquarium food do not overfeed; maintain correct water parameters at all times.


Protein 30.1% , Moisture 40.7%, Fat 4.5% , Ash 11.1%

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